10 Important Facts about unique Indian Ice Apple

10 Important Facts about unique Indian Ice Apple

- Written by Anu Kaggal

Ice Apple is a seasonal fruit that looks like litchi and grows on the sugar palm tree. It has a pleasant flavour and cooling qualities. Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal are among the states where it is readily available.

Ice apples are low-calorie fruits that are high in calcium and phytonutrients, as well as fiber, protein, vitamin C, A, E, K, B7, and iron.

In the body, it acts as a cooling agent.

It is a superb body cooling agent that naturally cools the body in the summer and regulates the human body's temperature. It quenches hunger while still providing enough energy to keep you active throughout the day.


Aids in the maintenance of body equilibrium


This fruit has a substantial amount of salt and potassium minerals, which aid in the body's electrolyte and fluid balance. As a result, an ice apple is the greatest fruit to eat in the summer since it helps to avoid dehydration and exhaustion.


Constipation relief


The natural cure for stomach discomfort and digestive problems is ice apple. It aids in the relief of constipation and the promotion of bowel movements. Ice apples can also assist with acid reflux and stomach ulcers, as well as moderate stomach discomfort and nausea, which are common during pregnancy.


anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties


Many compounds in ice apples have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. These qualities are quite helpful in slowing down the aging process. Ice apples also lower the chance of health issues including cancer and other heart illnesses.


Helps to cure the skin problems

Ice apples help cure skin problems like skin rashes and prickly heat that are very common in summer. You can even apply the flesh of an ice apple on the affected areas because it helps relieve the itchiness and provides a soothing and cooling effect on the skin.

Keeps the liver healthy

The fruit is loaded with potassium that helps in cleansing the toxins out of the body. It helps to promote the liver health


Helps to lose weight 

It is low in calories and contains so much liquid that can help you to lose weight. In addition, the presence of water in the ice apple can make you feel fuller for a more extended period.

Strengthens hair

Ice apples prevent the dryness and dullness of the hair. In addition, consuming an ice apple in daily life can act as a natural conditioner that can help to strengthen the hair roots.

Muscles are relieved.

Magnesium and protein found in ice apples aid to maintain muscles healthy. It also helps with muscle cramping.

Muscles are relieved.

Magnesium and protein found in ice apple aid to maintain muscle health. It also helps with muscle cramping.

Prevents infections of the urinary tract

Anti-inflammatory characteristics of ice apples assist to minimize bladder edema, which is more common in women than in males. Furthermore, the antioxidant qualities of ice apples assist in the removal of free radicals and dangerous germs from the body, preventing the oxidation of healthy cells in the excretory system organs.


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