8 things you must know the Significant of Valentine's Day

8 things you must know the Significant of Valentine's Day

                                                                                       - Written by Anu Kaggal

Yes, it is a dream of every youngster to celebrate a special day with her or his partner. On this special occasion, they will get a chance to share their feelings and thoughts by giving   surprise gifts in a creative manner.

Are you ready, Love month February already started to express your love.

If you are in love with someone and want to propose your love.

 is the time already begun! if you love someone you must share your feelings don’t expect what next will be. So my dear friends for this valentine’s day we will design it in such a way no one will not reject your proposal I will promise u.

Valentine’s day, before planning a special day we will understand how we can make this day more romantic and loveful.

 Valentine's Day is celebrated for 8 days.


Valentine‘s Day list 2022


  1. Rose Day

7th February 2022

2. Propose Day

8th February 2022

3. Chocolate Day

9th   February 2022

4. Teddy Day 

10th February 2022

5. Promise Day

11th February 2022

6. Hug Day

12th February 2022

7. Kiss Day

13th February 2022

8. Valentine Day

14th February 2022


We plan our Valentine's day by following the above days by giving different gifts on different days.

Rose Day

On This day We will gift some beautiful roses to start our love month, a rose is a beautiful flower with thorns it signifies that Beauty and ugliness are the same aspects of the same coin we cannot get a rose without thorn this is life everything we should accept not only happiness in life and we should withstand when they are in trouble.

Propose Day

  After presenting a rose to your love it's time to share your sincere feeling with them no need to tell stories just share your feeling in a romantic way that is on Propose Day.

Chocolate Day

Chocolate symbolizes the never-ending love of your valentine. On this day we can share and spend more time with your love by giving chocolate and making your love sweeter like chocolate.

Teddy  Day

Teddy day next comes to chocolate day today we present them with a beautiful teddy and make them remember always about feelings and love. 

Promise Day 

We shared our gifts, sweets, and proposed everything we did but this is the day where we can give and take in the form of promising one another not to leave and live together always as lovebirds.

Promise them now 

I promise to make you happy; 

I promise to keep you my forever;

  Happy Promise Day! ”.

Hug Day

Hug day is the most important day by giving a hug , couples get closer with a warm hug and forget all the worries and huddles and feel that you are in heaven and instead of sharing words it is best to give warm hugs it is better than words.

Kiss Day

This is the 7th day of celebration, which is kiss day ,which is all about expressing your feelings through kisses.

By kissing each other promising that we are one.

Valentine Day

Finally our Valentine's Day came. This is the day everyone waits to celebrate love with a special one and from today onwards our day will start with new feelings and now we have our partner to share our feelings and go positively to reach our dreams and goals.

                                            Happy  Valentine Day!

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