Written by Bhaavyaa.

Try out this chocolate barfi recipe at the comfort of your home. It only takes 30 minutes to make.


  1. 200g milk or milk powder
  2. 200g of khoya
  3. Choco fills dark fantasy biscuits crushed into 4 cups
  4. 3 to 4 Saffron strands
  5. 1 tsp nuts (try chopping them for better results)


Put the crushed dark fantasy into a tray and flatten it to make a solid crust. Leave it in the fridge for 5 mins. While the crust is setting, make a smooth batter of condensed milk and khoya. Mix some crushed biscuits with this batter and then add it over the base in the fridge. Sprinkle some chopped nuts and saffron strands on the barfi and let it set for about 20 mins. Cut the barfi and serve!

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