Connecting creators with Shopify’s millions of merchants: Introducing Shopify Collabs

- Written by Bhaavya

Using this new feature of Shopify Collabs, creators can discover and partner up with millions of merchants from Shopify and some other independent brands.

You see, most creators can’t support themselves full time. Discovering brands and establishing partnerships is quite a big hassle, and creators want to spend their time making content.

With Shopify Collabs, creators can easily discover and partner with merchants to build, curate,  shop and share products that reflect their own interests, accelerating their path to entrepreneurship.

Building on integrations with social and entertainment platforms, launch of Linkpop and Starter plan, Shopify Collabs cements Shopify as the creator's commerce platform of choice.

At Shopify, we believe creators are the next generation entrepreneurs. They’re the artists and makers building passionate followings that they inspire, inform, and entertain. They use their creativity to engage audiences across the internet. 

Shopify’s goal is to bring economic independence to this new generation of entrepreneurs. Despite the size of the total creator economy, estimated to be worth over $100 billion, most of the creators struggle to make money and become independent. As a solo creator, discovering brands and establishing partnerships is cumbersome, and creators would rather spend their time doing what they love—engaging with their audiences.

For merchants, the creator economy presents a new way to find new consumers, especially at a time when acquiring customers has become increasingly difficult and expensive. Creators are trusted by audiences who look towards them to share their product and receive recommendations. 

Enter Shopify Collabs. With Collabs, we’re bringing brands and creators together, making it simple for creators to monetize while giving merchants a new sales and marketing channel. For consumers, that will mean hearing about the world’s best independent brands and products from creators they trust.  

Collabs helps the creators to monetize by discovering and partnering with the independent brands that their audiences will love unconditionally.

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