Written by Bhaavyaa.

It is said that Roulades originated in France and Italy. The cream roulade is a scrumptious preparation that is perfect for parties yet easy to make. In a way Roulades symbolise love, which makes this the perfect preparation for 14th of Feb!

Here are some ingredients required for this preparation:

4 eggs

125 gm Castor sugar 

5 ml Vanilla essence

100 gm flour

25 gm cocoa powder

20 GM melted butter

50 gm choco chips

150 gm whipped cream

50 gm icing sugar

50 gm citrus rind from one orange.

Citrus rinds are basically just orange peels that one has to dry for about 2 days.

First whisk the eggs, sugar and vanilla essence. Then add some sieved flour and cocoa powder to the mixture. Spread this batter evenly and bake it in a preheated oven for 20 minutes. 

Now assembling this roulade can take a turn on your finger muscles. For this first you have to spread citrus cream on the cocoa sponge and sprinkle some choco chips on it. Then roll the sponge in a manner it resembles a swiss roll. Tighten the ends to ensure that no gaps remain. Allow it to chill and serve it with chocolate sauce.

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