-Written by Bhaavyaa

There is nothing more romantic than delicious food. To some people, like me, breakfast is the most important meal of all while it might be just another meal for others. Just look at the breakfast menu, you have muffins, pancakes, fresh fruits, natural fruit juices, vegetable idlis, spiced sambars, and a whole biodiversity of different types of chutneys. Now compare it with lunch– rice, dal, chapatis and some boring green leaves.

A good heavy breakfast gets you started, keeps you up, and keeps you going. In fact, I love breakfasts so much that I gobble up tons and end up dozing off in class. According to me, the perfect breakfast includes 12–14gm Protein + 35gm Complex Carbs + 12–14gm Good Fats + 5gm Fibre = ~350 calories. Sounds gibberish? I simply mean 2 slices of bread or a sandwich and some fruit juice. Have this and you’re good to go for the day. Oh, don’t forget your cappuccino!

And why just food? These ingredients could be used for purposes other than cooking, like making homemade cosmetics! I bet on a stack of pancakes that you didn't know that you could make a face pack out of Masoor Dal. It helps whiten the skin.

To make my perfect breakfast, I find Freshclub to be this one stop place where you can literally find all ingredients. Be it fresh fruits, maida, honey, fruit juices, it's all there. Check it out guys, bet you’ll love it.

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