The Top 5 Things Everyone Should Know About Period Cramps

The Top 5 Things Everyone Should Know About Period Cramps

Menstruation, often known as a period, is regular vaginal bleeding during a woman's monthly cycle. Period pain, commonly known as dysmenorrhea, affects many women. 

Menstrual cramps, a throbbing, cramping ache in the lower abdomen, are the most common cause of discomfort. Lower back discomfort, nausea, diarrhoea, and headaches are all possible symptoms. 

Premenstrual syndrome is different from period discomfort (PMS). Weight gain, bloating, irritability, and lethargy are just a few of the symptoms of PMS. PMS usually begins one to two weeks prior to the commencement of your period.

Causes painful periods

Primary Dysmenorrhea is divided into two categories: main and secondary. The causes of each category are distinct.

The most prevalent cause of period pain is primary dysmenorrhea. Period pain that isn't caused by anything else.

Secondary dysmenorrhea is more common at a later age. Endometriosis and uterine fibroids are two disorders that affect your uterus or other reproductive organs.

This type of discomfort frequently worsens with time. It could start before your period and last till your period stops.

Menstrual Cramps: Can Home Remedies Help

Menstrual cramps can usually be handled at home by women.

Don't be scared to talk to your doctor if your pain is severe and affecting your lifestyle.

Here are 5 safe and efficient home treatments for menstrual cramp relief to assist relieve period pain.

  1. To Ease Menstrual Pain, Try Some Yoga Poses

Exercise can ease your cramps, whether it's due to the stretching of your muscles or the relaxing effect of the poses.

You can practice during or between periods, however, some instructors advise women not to execute inverted positions (like a shoulder stand) while menstruating to avoid disrupting their natural flow..

  1. To Ease Period Cramps, Curl Up With a Heating Pad

"Because the uterus is a muscle, "anything that helps relax muscles, such as administering heat, can be useful."

 By using the Heating pad on our stomach we can feel relief a painless till our cramps will be normal this is an old traditional method and more beneficial too.

  1. Adding the Magnesium in our Diet 

Magnesium is found in many foods, including almonds, black beans, spinach, yogurt, and peanut butter. Dietary magnesium seems to help ease the pain of cramps


  1. Massage using Essential Oils to Relieve Pain

Slightly messaging on the stomach relieves the stomach pain. As per research, massaging your skin with particular fragrant essential oils can help ease menstrual cramp pain.


  1. Eating More sweets on Periods

Having sweets which are made up of jaggery will help to reduce pain and also gives energy to us and make our stomach full and happy.

These are some general methods that can be followed during period cramps and we should show more care and love for them especially teenage Girls.

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