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Happiness is all about creating Real Magic from everyday moments spent together with family or friends. Turn up the energy during an afternoon lull, sweltering heat and long exhausting days with the crisp, delicious taste of Coca-Cola Original that is uplifting till the last sip. Make meals tastier with Coke, be it peri-peri or extra cheese. Every slice of pizza is made yummier with a Coke. Enjoy this soft drink ice-cold for maximum refreshment and add magic to your family meals because there’s magic when we eat together. 

Enjoy Coke while playing fun games, binge-watching your favourite series, listening to your favourite song and making the most of your break moments. Explore how you can be closer to your loved ones with drinks worth savouring, playlists worth listening and memories worth remembering. The oh-so refreshing fizz and original taste of Coca-Cola drink make life’s special moments a little more special. Whether it’s about raising a toast to a new partnership or celebrating the win, sharing a Coke never ends.

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool & dry place, away from direct sunlight.


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