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Dabur Hajmola Imli Digestive Tablets

Dabur Hajmola Imli Digestive Tablets

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Description: Dabur Hajmola is a tasty, fun-filled digestive tablet that enhances the digestive system. It comes in various flavours and can be regularly taken after meals. It is a mixture of traditional Indian culinary herbs, spices and edible salts that enhances digestion in the body. No meal is complete without the tasty digestive power of Hajmola.

Uses: Chatpata tablets, fun to have at any time of the day
Improves digestion for kids and adults
Useful in cases of indigestion, loss of appetite & flatulence
Great way to enjoy while staying healthy
Hajmolas Chatpata richness is good for a change of taste
Loved by people of all ages
Hajmola tablets Improve digestion and provide relief from flatulence

Shelf Life: 24 months


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