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Golden Crown Sliced Jalapenos

Golden Crown Sliced Jalapenos

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Add a little spice to your dish with Frutin's Sliced Jalapenos. Perfect for adding a kick to tacos, burgers, and more, these jalapenos are sliced and ready to use. Enjoy the bold and tangy flavor, without any hassle or prep time. Elevate your meals with Frutin's Sliced Jalapenos today!

Add some heat to your dishes with Golden Crown Sliced Jalapenos. These flavorful jalapenos are sliced and ready to enhance your meals with a spicy kick. Perfect for adding to tacos, nachos, and more. Spice up your meals with Golden Crown Sliced Jalapenos.

Our Dm sliced jalapenos A10 is a versatile and convenient addition to any dish. Made from fresh jalapenos, these sliced peppers add a burst of heat and flavor. With our A10 size, you'll have the perfect amount for all your recipes. Spicy and full of nutrients, these jalapenos will enhance any meal.


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