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Dove Daily Shine Shampoo

Dove Daily Shine Shampoo

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Description: The mystery of how to get shiny hair isn't a tricky one to solve. The key to getting the shiny, silky hair we all long for is making sure your hair is nourished, right from the start of your routine. That's where Dove Daily Shine Shampoo comes in. Containing Nutritive Serum, which absorbs into the hair strands to keep them beautifully nourished and shiny, this Dove shampoo surrounds your hair with a protective shield, defending it from everyday stresses, like brushing. Uses: • Adds shine to hair • Nourishes and protects from daily wear and tear • Formulated with Nutritive Serum • Leaves hair strong and beautiful • Gentle formula that's suitable for everyday use Shelf Life: 24 months


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