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Gillete 7'O Clock P II Razor with Chromium Enriched Edges

Gillete 7'O Clock P II Razor with Chromium Enriched Edges

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Description: Gillette 7 O' Clock PII-6 Twin Blade Razor cut the hair effortlessly for an extremely relaxed shave. With a unique cartridge design for trouble-free cleaning and Chromium enriched edges for softer, more relaxed shaves. The Gillette 7 'o'Clock PII Razor comes with international track II technology to make shaving even more pleasurable for you, day after day. The twin blades provide a clean, close shave. Added comfort from razor burns with the unique Gillette lubrastrip technology that also allows easy gliding across your skin. The easy-loading system makes changing blades fast and easy. Uses: Easy Cleaning Twin blades for easy glide Fixed optimal razor angle for safer, closer shaves Special spring lock Cartridge loaded and placed firmly in place Chromium enriched edges for smooth and comfortable shaves Shelf Life: 24 Months


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