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Gillete Vector Plus Manual Shaving Razor Catridges

Gillete Vector Plus Manual Shaving Razor Catridges

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Description: Gillette Vector Plus has fast twin blades which will give you the shave twice with each stroke eliminating irritating repeat strokes for a faster shave than with a double edge blade. It is comfortable and the lubricating strip activates when wet, reducing pulling and skin irritation for a smoother more comfortable shave. Uses: Fast twin blades shaves twice with each stroke Gillette Vector Razor Blades blades are self-adjusting. The dual blade system aids in achieving a clean shave. The blade stabiliser allows the blades to adapt to a man's facial curves while maintaining proper blade spacing for comfort. The mineral oil and lubricants in the Gillette Vector Plus Razor Blades Lubrastrip allow the razor to glide easily across the skin, even during repeated strokes. Shelf Life: 60 Months


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