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Liril Lemon & Tea Tree Oil Soap

Liril Lemon & Tea Tree Oil Soap

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The new Liril soap, with its ingredients like lemon extract and tea tree oil gives you a freshness that lasts longer. This soap is paraben free and sulphate cleanser free. It ensures that your skin gets the best care and stays fresh. The 100% natural lemon extracts and 100% natural tea tree oil ingredients in this soap gives you a thick lather which lends a sense of freshness after every shower and makes bathing an enjoyable experience. The fragrance with cues of Lemon provides an invigorating shower experience. Enjoy a splash of long lasting freshness. This soap has been consistent in bringing alive freshness. Feel fresh all day long with the refreshing and rejuvenating scent of lemon. This soap is a great choice as a summer soap and offers a daily refreshing shower! Get a break from the everyday mundane with Liril's refreshing Lime and tea tree oil soap. Buy the new Liril Soap in now, right here! Also try our body wash range. With active ingredients, the Liril Lime Soap gives you freshness that lasts all day long. The lemon and tea tree oil ingredients in this soap give you instant freshness after every bath for both men and women. Buy the Liril Lime Soap right here!.


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