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Maaza Mango drink - 250ml

Maaza Mango drink - 250ml

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Flavour Mango,Original
Brand Maaza
Weight 1200 Grams
Volume 1.2 Litres
Specialty Suitable for vegeterians
Package Information Bottle
Package Weight 1.32 Kilograms
Units 1200.0 millilitre

  • REAL MANGO INDULGENCE: Indulge yourself in real mango delight with Maaza, made from real mango pulp of hand-picked real Alphonso
  • RICH TASTE: Enjoy the sweet, rich and thick juicy pulp of mangoes with wholesome properties
  • READY TO SERVE FRUIT DRINK: This mango drink is ready to serve drink, so relish it anytime, anywhere
  • TASTES BEST WHEN CHILLED: Enhance your Maaza drinking experience by chilling it
  • ENJOY IT IN ANY SEASON: Experience the real taste of mangoes in every season with Maaza mango drink
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