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Pril Dishwash Liquid - Active 2x Lime

Pril Dishwash Liquid - Active 2x Lime

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Description : Pril is one of the best Lime Liquid Dishwash known for dissolving high grease - power with the help of its quick dry formula. It is gentle for the skin and also non messy and non residual. Pril liquid dishwash cleans dishes and makes them not just look clean but also smells well along with anti-bacterial properties which kill 99.99% germs. The Active 2x Lime Formula gives extra cleanliness and fragrance to the dishes.

Uses : This removes any residual food odours along with it removes the toughest stains and greases and also disinfects them. Pril kills 99.9% of the germs!

Shelf Life : 24 Months


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