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Priya Mixed Vegetable Pickle

Priya Mixed Vegetable Pickle

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Priya Mixed Vegetable Pickle provides you with the best flavors of India. It's been spreading Indian fragrance all over the world since 1980. This mix of vegetable pickles is popular among age groups and regions, one of our most popular preparations, every piece of this pickle will have you reaching for more.

Ingredients : It is made with Mango, Refined Rice Bran Oil, Carrot, Iodized Salt, Green Tomato, Green Chilli, Lime, Ginger, Tamarind Paste (Tamarind, Water), Chilli Powder, Mixed Spices, Acidity Regulators - Acetic Acid & Citric Acid and Asafoetida.

Shelf Life : 12 Months


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