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Sugar Free Gold Low Calorie Sweetener

Sugar Free Gold Low Calorie Sweetener

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Description : Sugar Free Gold is a healthier alternative to sugar. It is made from Aspartame which is a protein derivative. It is a nutritious, safe and an ideal low calorie sugar substitute. It gives you the sweetness and taste of sugar but with negligible calories. Sugar Free Gold helps you to cut down on excess calories of sugar to keep you fit. It has a natural sweet taste of sugar, without the harmful calories Ingredients : Bulking Agent - Lactose Sweetener - Aspartame Stabilizer - Croscarmellose sodium Anticaking Agent -Magnesium stearate Anticaking Agent -Colloidal silicon dioxide Stabilizer - Polyvinyl pyrrolidone Preservative - Sodium Benzoate. Shelf Life : 36 Months


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