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Veeba Cheese & Jalapeno Dip

Veeba Cheese & Jalapeno Dip

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Veeba Cheese & Jalapeno Dip is a shining star in the Indian food industry. Veeba is committed to the idea of responding to the changing palate of Indians today. It is the most innovative preparation made from the freshest ingredients. It is the perfect Mexican delight that balances the heat of jalapenos with the mildness of cheese. Ideal with tortilla chips and nachos.

Ingredients : Refined soyabean oil, jalapenos, sugar, permitted emulsifiers and stabilizers, milk solids, cheese, iodised salt, tomato paste, spices and condiments, permitted acidity regulator, permitted preservatives, permitted antioxidant and permitted sequestrant.

Shelf Life : 7 Months


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