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Vim Extra Dishwash Liquid Gel - Anti Bacterial with Neem

Vim Extra Dishwash Liquid Gel - Anti Bacterial with Neem

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Vim is the No.1 dishwashing brand in India. Dishwash Expert Vim now brings you the new Vim Anti Bac Liquid with the goodness of neem extract. It has neem extract which is known to have the germ protection properties. Neem has been traditionally used as a natural germ killer in India for thousands of years. Vim Anti Bac Liquid with neem helps to keep the utensils safe from harmful germs. Vim Anti Bac Liquid with neem extract is a powerful formulation. It helps to remove 99% harmful germs from your utensils (based on the lab test on select bacteria) and also fights tough stains from utensils with the degreasing power of lemons (power refers to the cleaning benefits of lemons). It is dark green in colour with a unique fragrance of neem, gives a pleasant cleaning experience during dishwash. Vim Anti Bac Liquid helps to keep your utensils hygienic and family safe from harmful germs. The concentrated gel of Vim Anti Bac Liquid cleans the utensils deeply and unlike dishwash bars, it does not leave any powdery white layer of residue behind on them. It is milder on hands than dishwash bars and is very convenient to use. It can safely be used to clean delicate utensils and all kinds of expensive crockery including the non-stick cookware. Just take a spoonful of Vim Anti Bac Liquid, mix it in a bowl of water (40 ml), and use the mixture to wash your dishes.



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